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Welcome to Abwood Group Ltd

Abwood Group Limited recognises the importance of providing a high quality service to each of its clients. Abwood Group is a leading specialist in marine engineering, construction, term maintenance contracts, and diving services. Our main strengths are our flexibility and our ability to deliver projects safely, on time and to the best possible quality. On the website you can find out about our Diving and Underwater Engineering, and view historic Diving and Underwater Engineering Project Case Studies. You can also find about our Marine Civil Engineering Services and view past Marine Civil Engineering Case Studies.

Abwood Group Limited is committed to providing clients with a "one stop" service for all their project needs. We can offer fast and professionally managed product supply on a hire or purchase basis on a range of construction plant and materials. We operate our own work/safety vessels, with licensed watermen if required. On the website you can find out more about our Plant Hire and Boat Details.

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Abwood in Action

Abwood in Action Abwood in Action

Marine Civil Engineering

Marine Civil Engineering

Installation of timber fender systems, dock edge coping stones and safety posts and chain, repairs, shot blasting, painting, installation of concrete structures, sheetpiling and sheetpile repairs, etc.

Marine Civil Engineering Info

Plant / Boat Details

Plant Boat Details

Abwood VIII, an extremely versatile "multi-category" vessel capable of being transported by road & is ideally suited for use on canals, rivers, lakes, docks where marine access is restricted.

Plant/Boat Hire

Diving Services

Diving Services

Surveys to bridges, underwater elements of structures such a docks, piers etc., wet welding and ultra-thermic cutting works, underwater concrete cutting and drilling and more.

Diving Services Info

Confined Space Operations

Confined Space Operations

Abwood Marine Engineering is equipped with confined space equipment including various configurations of man riding cages, overhead and cantilever gantries, emergency recovery winches,etc.

Confined Space Operations Info

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Dock Office 1 Onega Gate Surrey Quay London SE16 7PF
T: +44 (0) 20 7740 2323 F: +44 (0) 20 7740 2340